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LFS repairs and upgrades existing fire doors, saving our clients the expense of renewal and ensuring they meet their corporate and social responsibilities by reusing doors (subject to survey). As a certified door manufacturer, we independently assess, and have the approval to use, numerous Global Assessments from door blank distributors.



As with all LFS services, our fire door repair services are available throughout Greater London, Kent, and the Midlands in both commercial and residential properties. Originally established in 2011, in London, England, to serve the local area there, we have since worked on hundreds of fire door repair and maintenance projects, providing our range of passive fire protection services to private and public organisations across the UK.



Fire doors are a legal requirement in all commercial and domestic properties with at least 2 floors in accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. These doors are one of the most important elements of ensuring occupant safety in any commercial or residential building. Fire doors are designed to compartmentalise a fire in a limited space for at least 30 minutes with the aim of protecting occupants and the property.

Ensuring fire doors are in their best condition, carrying out fire door assessments, and making repairs as soon as issues are identified are the only way to reduce fire risks that the use of fire doors can prevent. Once doors are compliant, LFS will issue certification under both our BM Trada Q-Mark scheme and our FIRAS accreditation. This saves clients money and time to have both accreditations and ensures fire doors meet fire safety standards quickly without manufacturing new doors.

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LFS is a UK market leader in passive fire protection. We provide a ‘one-stop’ service, including fire surveys and fire door manufacture, installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our fire door repair services are unrivalled, place your trust in our team as we put your mind at ease by maximising the fire resistance capabilities of your fire door.


  • We ensure fire doors meet fire safety standards quickly, and where possible, without the need to manufacture new doors.

  • Our trained, experienced team are DBS checked and carry their Construction Skills Certification cards.

  • We are accredited by 23 industry organisations.

  • With our own fleet of service vehicles, and over 120 trained fire operatives, we can mobilise quickly and work flexibly to suit your project timescales. 


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We will carry out a full survey of your fire doors and other passive protection measures which we will present as a detailed report. The report will detail any necessary fire door maintenance required due to general wear or tear or whether components need to be repaired or even replaced. Our scope of work can involve replacing frames and doors as well as a number of small and larger repairs, internally and externally, including:

  • Replacing damaged glazing

  • Replacing damaged and failed perimeter seals

  • Rehanging doors on new replacement hinges

  • Re-fixing loose hinges

  • Replacing door self-closers

  • Replacing lock sets

  • Realigning doors 

  • Replacing damaged frames and door leafs



Residential | Hotels | Commercial | Education | Healthcare | Leisure | Social Housing



The legal obligations that need to be fulfilled are outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This details all of the commercial or domestic building owner’s responsibilities surrounding fire safety and prevention methods that should be in place to protect the occupants of the building. The responsible person is therefore legally responsible for organising maintenance and repairs of fire doors and other passive fire protection systems in place within the building. 

Responsible persons must install quality fire doors that slow the progression of fires and help contain fires in limited spaces within a building. Any damage or inadequacies in fire doors can have detrimental effects of its level of fire resistance. Ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out as soon as possible to maximise fire safety for occupants and the property.

LFS is a UK market leader in passive fire protection. We provide a ‘one-stop’ service, including fire surveys, and fire door and alarm manufacturing, installation, repairs, and maintenance.


For general enquiries, sales, or to request a survey, contact us today.



For more information, find the answer to your queries here in our most frequently asked questions for fire door repairs in London and the surrounding areas.

Q: Who Can Repair A Fire Door?

Fire door installation and maintenance should only be carried out by third-party competent persons. They must meet the standards to maintain a fire doors certification such as those of approved BM TRADA repair methods.​

Q: Are LFS fire doors accredited?

Yes. Our fire doors are accredited. Our Security By Design (SBD) accredited fire doors provide greater fire safety and security.

Q: How long does a fire door last?

The lifespan of a fire door varies. Our FD30 and FD60 fire doors can provide 30- or 60-minute fire resistance, respectively. The wear and tear on a door will be affected by its usage, and the lifespan and effectiveness of your doors will be maximised with regular fire door maintenance. Service and repair of a fire door can ensure it provides the fire resistance it is intended to.

Q: What are fire doors made of?

Our fire doors are made from a combination of glass, gypsum, timber, steel, and aluminium.

Q: Should fire doors be kept closed?

Yes, fire doors are designed to be kept closed at all times, as the only way they can offer protection and reduce the spread of a fire is by remaining closed.


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