LFS are fully qualified in the supply and installation of the highest quality of Fire-Rated Glazing. As a BM-Trada certified company, we ensure your Fire-Rated Glazing is 100% compliant with fire safety regulations. A BM-Trada certification ensures that the materials, products, and processes we use are always safe, high quality, compliant, and fit for purpose.

This gives our customers peace of mind knowing their fire prevention methods are up to scratch.


Fire-rated glazing ensures that fire and smoke do not spread to other building parts for a prescribed period. Therefore, it is vital that Fire-rated glazing is used as part of a complete fire-resistance glazed system.

All components - the glazing seal, beads, fixings, and frame material must be compatible and work cohesively to guarantee their effectiveness.


Fire-rated glazing systems are designed to offer passive fire resistance and protection. Their function is not to extinguish the fire but to prevent the spread.

A fire-rated glazing system involves glass, a frame, and glazing and fixing method. The system is only as effective as the weakest part, so, at LFS, we ensure the entire system is installed to the highest quality standard to meet the required performance using industry-standard materials.


Specialists in Fire Screens

At LFS, our team of specialists are experienced in managing every stage of the project. We will survey the premises and offer expert advice on the appropriate fire-rated glazing for your needs. We work with you from installation to certification to ensure you are satisfied with completion.


The key to a successful fire protection strategy is to ensure that the correct fittings have been put in place to minimize the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. When looking to implement new fire protection strategies or update your current system, fire-rated glazing is a sound choice.


New fire glass technology means solid fire screens and walls are no longer your only option. At LFS, we are fully qualified and experienced in the supply and installation of high-quality fire-rated glazing to keep your premises safe from fire and still visually appealing.

Why choose LFS?

  • LFS approved fire-rated glazing makes your property up to date in fire prevention in an innovative, modern way.

  • LFS is authorized to install (accredited) fire-rated glazing, and all work completed is in accordance with UK fire prevention regulations.



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LFS is a UK market leader in passive fire protection, providing a ‘one-stop service that includes surveying, manufacturing, installation, certification, and maintenance of fire doors, screens, fire alarm systems, and other fire protection solutions.


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