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LFS are fully qualified to supply and install the highest quality of Fire-Rated Glazing. As a BM-Trada certified company, we ensure your Fire-Rated Glazing is 100% compliant with fire safety regulations. A BM-Trada certification ensures that the materials, products, and processes we use are always safe, high quality, compliant, and fit for purpose. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing their fire prevention methods are up to scratch.



At LFS, we are at the forefront of fire safety solutions, specialising in supplying and installing fire-rated glazing. Fire-rated glazing is critical in safeguarding lives and property during a fire emergency. We understand the paramount importance of this technology, and our commitment to safety drives everything we do.



The key to a successful fire protection strategy is to ensure that the correct fittings have been put in place to minimise the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. When looking to implement new fire protection strategies or update your current system, fire-rated glazing is a sound choice.



New fire glass technology means solid fire screens and walls are no longer your only option. At LFS, we are fully qualified and experienced in the supply and installation of high-quality fire-rated glazing to keep your premises safe from fire and still visually appealing.


  • LFS approved fire-rated glazing makes your property up to date in fire prevention in an innovative, modern way.

  • LFS is authorised to install (accredited) fire-rated glazing, and all work completed is in accordance with UK fire prevention regulations.



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What is Fire Rated Glazing?

Fire-rated glazing is a specialised architectural feature designed to enhance fire safety in buildings and structures. It comprises glass and framing systems that are meticulously engineered and tested to withstand the extreme conditions of a fire outbreak. This innovative building material serves a crucial role in containing the spread of fire, smoke, and radiant heat, thus allowing for safe evacuation and minimising property damage.

Key Characteristics of Fire-Rated Glazing:


Fire Resistance: The primary function of fire-rated glazing is to resist the spread of fire. It does this by remaining intact and preventing flames and hot gases from passing through for a specified duration, typically measured in minutes or hours. This gives building occupants valuable time to evacuate and for firefighters to respond effectively.

Smoke Containment: Fire-rated glazing also plays a role in smoke containment. Smoke is a significant hazard during a fire, often causing more casualties than the fire itself. Fire-rated glazing systems are designed to limit the passage of smoke, maintaining a clear escape route and reducing smoke-related injuries.

Radiant Heat Control: In addition to flames and smoke, fire-rated glazing is engineered to control radiant heat transfer. This is essential for protecting adjacent areas and ensuring that the glass itself does not shatter due to extreme temperatures.

Transparency: Unlike traditional fire barriers, fire-rated glazing provides transparency. This means it allows visibility through the glass, which can be vital for security, supervision, and aesthetics while still ensuring fire safety.

Building Codes and Testing: Fire-rated glazing products must adhere to strict building codes and undergo rigorous testing by recognised certification organisations. They are evaluated for their ability to maintain fire integrity and prevent the passage of flames, smoke, and radiant heat.


At LFS, our dedication to fire safety extends to providing cutting-edge solutions such as fire-rated screens. These innovative systems are essential for ensuring occupants' safety and property preservation during a fire emergency. In this section, we'll explore the importance of fire-rated screens and how they play a pivotal role in enhancing overall fire safety.

Understanding Fire-Rated Screens

Fire-rated screens, also known as fire-rated barriers or fire-resistant partitions, are specifically designed to compartmentalise spaces within a building, preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke. These screens are meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to meet stringent fire safety standards.

The Role of Fire-Rated Screens in Fire Safety:

  • Fire Containment: Fire-rated screens are strategically placed throughout a building to create fire compartments. In the event of a fire, these screens act as barriers, confining the flames and smoke to the affected area, thereby preventing the fire from spreading rapidly.

  • Protected Means of Egress: Fire-rated screens ensure that escape routes, such as stairwells and corridors, remain safe and clear for building occupants to evacuate without hindrance from fire or smoke.

  • Property Protection: Beyond human safety, fire-rated screens help safeguard valuable assets and property within a building, reducing the risk of extensive damage or loss due to fire.

Our Commitment to Quality: Manufacturing Fire Doors


Glazed fire doors are integral to any fire safety strategy within a building. They serve as critical barriers, preventing the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another. These doors are engineered to withstand the intense heat of a fire and maintain their structural integrity, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and minimise property damage.

Our Fire Door Manufacturing Process

  1. Material Selection: The foundation of any high-quality glazed fire door is the selection of premium materials. We source and use fire-rated materials that meet or exceed industry standards for fire resistance and durability.

  2. Design Expertise: Our team of skilled engineers and designers work closely to create fire door designs that not only meet stringent safety requirements but also align with the architectural aesthetics of the building.

  3. Precision Fabrication: Utilising advanced machinery and technology, we fabricate fire doors with the utmost precision. Every component, from the door leaf to the frame and hardware, is meticulously crafted to fit together seamlessly.

  4. Fire Testing: Ensuring that our fire doors perform flawlessly in the event of a fire is paramount. Our doors undergo rigorous fire testing in accredited laboratories to verify their fire resistance, integrity, and insulation properties.

  5. Certification: Only fire doors that pass our stringent testing and quality control measures receive certification. We proudly display these certifications as a testament to our commitment to safety and excellence.


We understand that each building has unique requirements. That's why we offer a range of customisation options for our glazed fire doors. Whether you need specific dimensions, finishes, or hardware, we can tailor our products to meet your precise needs while ensuring they maintain their fire-rated properties.

Learn more about our manufacturing services available from London Fire Solutions.

Fire Rated Glazing, Doors & Screen FAQs

Q. How are fire-rated screens different from fire-rated glazing?

Both fire-rated glazing and fire-rated screens are essential components of a comprehensive fire safety strategy, they serve different functions and are suited for distinct areas within a building. Fire-rated glazing offers transparency, visibility, and fire resistance, making it suitable for areas where aesthetics and supervision are important. On the other hand, fire-rated screens or barriers provide robust compartmentalisation to contain fires in larger spaces, making them ideal for open-plan environments and industrial applications. The choice between the two depends on the building's specific needs and design considerations.

Q: How do I know which fire-rated solution is right for my building?

Determining the ideal fire-rated solution for your building involves considering multiple factors. Start by assessing your building's type, occupancy, layout, and fire safety regulations in your locality. Conduct a risk assessment to identify potential fire hazards and understand how a fire might spread. Take into account the architectural design, aesthetics, and budget constraints while consulting with fire safety professionals to ensure compliance with safety standards. The ability to customise fire-rated solutions to your specific needs and long-term maintenance requirements should also influence your decision. Ultimately, by analysing these factors and seeking expert guidance, you can select the most appropriate fire-rated glazing, screens, doors, or comprehensive fire safety system tailored to your building's unique safety needs.

Q: Are your fire-rated screens customisable?

We offer customisation options for our fire-rated screens to ensure they fit your unique requirements while maintaining their fire-resistant properties.

LFS is a UK market leader in passive fire protection, providing a ‘one-stop service that includes surveying, manufacturing, installation, certification, and maintenance of fire exit doors, screens, fire alarm systems, and other fire protection solutions.


For general inquiries, sales, or to request a survey, contact us today.

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