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A professionally installed door that is fully certified for fire protection will delay the spread of fire and ultimately save lives. The LFS team can manufacture, supply, and install external and internal fire doors in commercial and domestic properties across London.



Internal fire doors are essential to contain a fire in one room, making it ‘compartmentalised.’ Our team of qualified fitters can install internal fire doors and screens in a wide range of styles and designs with a choice of features to suit the needs of the London-based property.


We also install and fit external fire doors across London. Our door range includes FD30 and FD60 front entrances, communal doors and screens, steel doors, frame armour systems, and high-security doors.


Take a look at our external fire door designs. We have a range of exterior fire door designs to suit any building.

We offer the same installation and maintenance services across our entire fire door range. We have created a detailed guide to installing fire doors, providing an in-depth process.

Why Professional Installation Matters

Safety Assurance: 

Fire doors are a fundamental component of a building's fire protection system. When installed by certified professionals, you can have confidence that they will function as intended during a fire emergency. Adequately installed fire doors provide essential protection, safeguarding lives and property.

Code Compliance: 

Fire door installation must adhere to strict regulations and standards. Our expert installers are well-versed in these requirements and ensure that your fire doors meet all necessary codes and regulations. This compliance is essential for legal and insurance purposes.


Effective Compartmentalisation: 

Fire doors must be installed correctly to fulfil their role in slowing the spread of fires. Professional installation guarantees that these doors create practical barriers, preventing the fire from moving rapidly through your building.

Longevity and Durability:

Professional installation increases the longevity and durability of your fire doors. Our team ensures that doors are properly aligned, fitted, and equipped with the necessary hardware to withstand fire and external threats.

Choose LFS as your Fire Door Installer


When you choose London Fire Solutions, you're choosing a partner that takes full control of the manufacturing process, delivering and installing fire doors that are reliable, durable, and compliant. 


​Our professional installation services ensure that your fire-rated doors perform optimally, offering the utmost protection in the event of a fire or security threat. We take pride in tailoring our solutions to your specific requirements, whether you need fire doors for a residential property, a commercial space, or an industrial facility.

Choose LFS to install your desired fire door today. Contact our team today, and we will gladly assist you with your enquiry.


High-Quality Fire Doors

At London Fire Solutions, our commitment to fire safety goes beyond installation and maintenance; it starts at the core of our operations - manufacturing. We take great pride in our ability to craft high-quality fire doors that meet the stringent safety, security, and performance requirements.


In-House Expertise

Our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art facilities drive our manufacturing process. Control over the entire production process is essential in delivering doors that consistently meet and exceed industry standards.


Quality Materials

The foundation of any exceptional fire door is the quality of the materials. At London Fire Solutions, we source the finest materials to ensure our doors' durability and fire resistance. These materials are carefully selected to withstand the intense heat and fire pressures.


Precision Engineering

Our manufacturing team comprises skilled craftsmen who combine traditional craftsmanship with modern precision engineering techniques. Each door is meticulously crafted to exact specifications, ensuring it functions seamlessly during a fire or security incident.


Compliance and Certification

We understand the importance of compliance with industry regulations and standards. Our manufacturing process adheres to the strictest guidelines to ensure that our doors are Certifire approved, providing the peace of mind that your property is protected by doors that meet up to 1 hour of fire protection or more if required.


Customisation and Design

We recognise that each property has unique requirements. That's why we offer a range of customisation options, allowing you to choose from various designs, finishes, and features to match your aesthetic preferences and security needs.


Sustainability and Efficiency

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our manufacturing process. Our steel doors, for example, are manufactured with 48% recycled steel and are almost fully recyclable and energy-efficient, with an insulation U-value of 1.6W/m²K. This contributes to environmental responsibility and ensures that our doors are energy-efficient.


From Concept to Installation

From the initial concept to installation and maintenance, our end-to-end approach ensures that every fire door we manufacture is of the highest quality. Whether you need fire doors for residential, commercial, or industrial applications in London and beyond, you can trust London Fire Solutions to provide you with doors that prioritise safety and security.

Order Your Bespoke Fire Doors Today

For a fire door supplier you can depend on, choose LFS. Speak to our fire door experts to find out more.


Installation of Fire Doors FAQs

Can I install my fire door?


A qualified installer is recommended to install your fire door; the correct installation is essential to maximise fire protection. You should not attempt to install your fire door. Hire a professional to ensure fire safety, as FD30 or FD60 doors can provide as little as 5 minutes of fire resistance if not correctly installed.

Where do fire doors need to be installed?


Fire doors should be fitted in any commercial property or domestic dwelling with at least 3 storeys. New fire door regulations in the UK apply to residential properties over 11 metres in height. Responsible persons must ensure that fire doors are correctly installed with risk assessments carried out 6 monthly.

What are the requirements for fire door hinges?


As per fire regulations, fire doors must be fitted with 3 hinges. These hinges must be fire-certified and marked with a visible fire identification label. Steel doors or doors over 2200m should be equipped with 4 hinges to prevent warping. 

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