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How Long Does It Take To Repair Fire Damage?

Repairing fire damage is a complicated process, and it’s always best left to the professionals. There are multiple threats to safety that can remain after a blaze, and these need to be handled before any rebuilding occurs. If left untreated, issues like water damage after a fire can lead to mould, and mould can compromise the structure of your property.

During the repair of fire damage, tradespeople will confront issues with your materials, such as drywall, flooring, roofing, windows and more. Experts trained in fire and smoke damage repair will assess your property and create a plan for the contractors.

What Are the Steps in the Fire Damage Repair Process?

Near immediately after your commercial property has been damaged by fire, you need to begin preparing your building for repair. Not only do you want to get your property back in top condition to house staff again, but repairs need to be swift to prevent decay. Here are the steps you’ll need to work through:

1. Initial Assessment

After the fire has been handled, you’ll need to seek a qualified inspector to assess your building. This process must be performed quickly because the longer that damage lingers, the more it can degrade. The different repairs that you’ll require need to be noted, detailing the extent of damage around every room of your commercial property. If you’re receiving financial support through insurance, your inspector’s report will be crucial in demonstrating you’re using funding correctly. Of course, you can’t spend money on replacing walls and equipment that wasn’t damaged!

Your professional assessor can advise whether you’ll require roofers, carpenters, carpet installers, plumbers and more. Hiring a manager to oversee the fire repair process may be wise, or you’ll have to coordinate the work of your contractors for yourself.

2. Safety Marking And Injury Prevention

A team of fire safety officers or firefighters will board up your property, preventing anyone from entering the building. You’ll also have temporary boards fixed to any damage on your roof, so elements like rain can’t damage your building further.

Now the initial assessment of fire damage to the property has been completed; you must isolate and block off dangerous areas to prevent bodily harm and further damage. Blocking off unsafe areas also protects you from liability. If any contractors injure themselves within your property, you can’t be held responsible since the risk was addressed.

3. Debris Clean Up

You won’t immediately be rid of the smokey smell a fire leaves, and there’s bound to be charred remains of items and material dotted around your property. Before you can consider beginning your rebuild, you need your building to be as clean and easy to navigate as possible. Burnt belongings need binning, and now is the time to get that out of the way!

Basic cleaning should also take place at this step, focusing primarily on scrubbing soot off every surface. Simple soap and water is an excellent place to start before specialist cleaning in the next step.

4. Specialist Waste Removal

Once the initial debris, smoke odour and soot have been removed, professionals need to remove standing water and dry out your property. Industrial fans and air movers will prevent mould growth, help to disinfect the site and minimise further damage to your building’s structure.

Your cleaners will use various chemicals to salvage belongings attacked by smoke, soot and water. Specialist cleaners will also neutralise any lingering odours and discard items that are beyond saving.

5. General Repair Of The Building

Directly addressing the damage left to your property is the final step in restoration. While this step may feel the most important, it can’t be rushed since you need the foundation of a dry and odourless atmosphere.

Areas you’ll likely need contractors to cover include:

  • Repairing walls

  • Replacing doors and windows

  • Fitting and repairing the roof

  • Installing new carpets

  • Fixing electrics and plumbing

  • Prioritising new fire stopping features

How Long Does Fire Damage Repair Take In Total?

For minor repairs to paint and flooring, the fire damage repair process can take a few days. For extensive damage to a large property with multiple floors, fire damage repair may take months at a time. The answer is massively dependent on how intense the blaze was and how much area was affected.

Contact us at London Fire Solutions to implement excellent safety solutions to your property before the fire has the chance to cause damage.

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