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Reviewing Your Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment is a legally required, thorough investigation of your premises to identify hazards that could result in a fire. If you’re responsible for a building that isn’t a private residential property, so if you’re a landlord, an employer or an occupier of any commercial space, it’s your duty to record risks on your premises and take appropriate action to reduce them. When five or more people work on your premises or have enacted force over your license, you also need your fire risk surveys to be proven with a written record.

How often do you need to be reviewing your fire risk assessment? What do you need to look out for with new checks? Do you even need the assistance of a qualified fire risk assessor? Are any fire risk assessments worth the time, money and effort that they cost when you’ve already got an expensive fire alarm system in place? At London Fire Solutions, we’re here to tell you everything you could need to know when you’re reviewing your fire risk assessment.

Risk Assessments Aren’t A Burden

First and foremost, it needs to be stressed that your fire risk assessments are not just the burden of a checklist that you need to pace through quickly. A thorough review of your premises with recorded hazards will keep your employees safe and save you money by reducing the likelihood of an emergency. The last thing you want is to go out of business trying to repair your building from an avoidable blaze! Your insurance won’t cover preventable damage, and your fire risk assessment needs to be up to date for you to demonstrate your caution truly.

Check Your Fire Risks Regularly

Fire stopping is your responsibility and one that you should take seriously. Formal assessments should occur at least once a year, following The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, and when there has been a significant change in the environment - like an extension or a refurbishment. In addition, regular informal reviews of your fire safety measures, such as checking your fire alarms and a quick once-over of your fire doors, can occur weekly. The off-the-record checks of your fire hazards guarantee that you’ll spot new risks before your annual formal risk assessment.

Your Risk Assessments Affect Training

Your fire risk assessments will guide any safety training that you need to deliver to your employees. For example, in particular, kitchen staff need to know how to handle fire extinguishers and which colour to use for different types of flame. Detailed fire extinguisher training wouldn’t need to be prioritised for an apprentice office worker since a manager will always supervise them. As a result, they’re less likely to be exposed to any severe fire hazards. Any team members who work in rooms involving more fire risks should be adequately trained, and your fire risk assessments help you identify workers closest to threats.

Fire Risk Assessments Include Repairs

There’s no use in completing your fire risk assessment and not acting on your findings. Reviewing your risk assessment means making repairs and performing maintenance so that your smoke detectors and your fire doors are in the best state possible! Add additional safety measures like sprinklers where the risk of flame is exceptionally high, and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you’re as well protected as possible.

Better yet, hire an experienced fire safety company like London Fire Solutions, and benefit from a one-stop-shop with both a professional fire risk assessment and servicing, repairs and maintenance from the same business. We are always more than happy to help!

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