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5 Reasons Fire Detection Is Worth Investing In

No matter how big or small your business, you should invest in a fire alarm system. Especially in larger buildings, standard residential fire alarms don’t do the trick. For larger buildings, alarm systems need to be of a higher standard to ensure they cover the whole building. Everybody on the premises needs to hear the system alarm; people isolated in a building and on higher or lower floors need to have an equal chance of evacuating on time. It is crucial nobody is forgotten.

There are hundreds of legal requirements regarding fire safety measures. Fire doors need to be maintained, and fire extinguishers need annual inspections. Finding out what you need and where can be a frustrating minefield. Always do your research, and make sure you use a professional, reputable company to install your fire detection systems. The work doesn’t stop once you install fire alarms; they must be maintained routinely.

Why Are Smoke Alarms Important?

Smoke alarms decrease the risk of dying in a home fire by 50%, studies show. Smoke and fumes spread faster than the fire itself, and smoke inhalation is a more prevalent killer than burns. And that is why smoke alarm systems are crucial in a building; they detect fire smoke and fumes before humans do.

Smoke alarms provide precious time for people to evacuate a building. They are one of the best means of detecting a fire early, but only when properly installed and maintained. High-quality smoke alarms protect lives and property.

Where Should Fire Alarms Be Installed?

The number of fire alarms in a building and where they should be varies depending on the building. You should always get in touch with a professional fire safety company to find out.

A few main points include fire alarms installed in any room with a fire hazard, such as chemicals or rooms with cooking facilities. Fire alarms should always be in circulation spaces, like staircases and hallways. Smoke travels through these spaces; therefore, alarms can detect fire spreading through floors. You should usually place alarms in the centre of a ceiling; if they are on a wall, they should always be installed near the ceiling.

5 Reasons Fire Detection Is Worth Investing In

Fire alarm systems are available to cover whole commercial buildings; no building is too big. Standard residential alarms are not fit for this job, so to keep your workplace safe, you need to invest in a high-standard alarm system.

1. To Protect Lives

This is the biggest and most important reason to invest in fire detection; good fire systems save lives. The faster people are made aware of a fire, the quicker they can get out of the building. Some advanced systems can even alert people where the fire is and instruct of the safest escape route.

2. To Alert Fire Services and Improve Response Time

Advanced commercial fire alarm systems can link directly to the emergency services and immediately inform them of the fire. Time is of the essence in an emergency; faster action from emergency services means less time for the fire to spread.

3. To Keep Your Premises & Business Assets Safe

If not extinguished quickly, a fire can destroy a building. Extensive property damage could cost your business a huge chunk of money; some companies can never open again after a severe fire. A poorly installed and maintained fire alarm system could cost your building or even your whole business.

4. To Maintain Your Business Insurance Policies

Suppose a fire occurs in your building, and you have an inadequate fire alarm system. In that case, you could face huge fines or even a temporary closedown of your business. Insurance companies are not likely to pay for damage caused by fire if you didn’t keep your systems in good condition. You could be taken to court, and lawsuits could bankrupt your business.

5. To Reduce Interruptions Caused By Faulty Systems

Faulty fire alarms are more likely to trigger when there is no fire, creating a false alarm. These can be costly interrupting, as you will need to evacuate the whole building regularly for no reason.

Ensuring your fire alarm systems are high-quality, correctly installed, and adequately maintained mean false alarms are not likely to be a problem. Although, you must remember to host weekly fire alarm practices and annual fire drills.

If you require installation or maintenance of fire alarm systems, here at London Fire Solutions, we have the experience and skills to ensure your fire detection meets safety standards. Contact us today to find out more.

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