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Fire Door Surveys - What’s involved?

Fire safety in buildings is paramount, and fire doors play a critical role in safeguarding occupants and limiting the spread of fire and smoke. This means fire door surveys are of the highest importance, too, as they are key to ensuring fire doors function optimally. This survey involves thoroughly inspecting fire doors and their components, aiming to identify potential issues and the appropriate corrective actions. In this blog post, we will delve into what is involved in a fire door survey and why it is essential for maintaining fire safety.

Fire Door Regulations in the UK

The UK has stringent fire safety regulations to protect people and property from the devastating effects of fires. Key regulations include the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Building Regulations. These regulations highlight the importance of fire doors as a crucial element in buildings' passive fire protection.

What is a Fire Door Survey?

A fire door survey is a comprehensive examination of fire doors within a building to ensure they comply with fire safety regulations and perform effectively. Certified professionals, such as fire safety consultants, conduct these surveys to assess the condition of fire doors, identify potential issues, and recommend necessary corrective actions.

The frequency of fire door surveys can vary depending on the building's usage and occupancy, but generally, they should be carried out at least once a year. For high-traffic buildings or those with specific fire safety concerns, more frequent surveys may be required.

The Process of Conducting a Fire Door Survey

Pre-survey Preparations and Risk Assessment

Prior to conducting the survey, the surveyor will review building plans and assess potential fire hazards, occupancy levels, and the age of the building. This helps them identify critical areas that require special attention during the survey.

Visual Inspection of Fire Doors and Frames

The survey begins with a visual examination of each fire door and its frame. The surveyor will look for signs of damage, such as cracks, warping, or holes. They will also check the door's overall condition and whether it fits correctly in the frame.

Testing the Functionality of Door Closers, Locks, and Other Components

The functionality of door closers and locks is crucial to ensure that fire doors close securely and latch properly. The surveyor will test each door to confirm that it self-closes effectively and that any automatic closing devices work as intended.

Assessing the Condition of Intumescent Seals, Hinges, and Glazing

Intumescent seals are an essential component of fire doors, expanding when exposed to heat to seal the gaps around the door and prevent smoke from spreading. The surveyor will inspect these seals for signs of damage or degradation. Additionally, they will check hinges for wear and tear and glazing for integrity.

Checking for Appropriate Signage and Certification Marks

Each fire door should have clear and visible signage indicating that it is a fire door. The surveyor will ensure that these signs are present and legible. They will also verify the presence of certification marks, indicating that the door complies with relevant standards.

Documenting and Recording Findings

Throughout the survey, the surveyor will take detailed notes and photographs of any issues found. This documentation will form the basis for a comprehensive report outlining the condition of each fire door and the recommended actions for improvement.

Identifying Common Fire Door Issues

Common issues which may be discovered during a fire door survey include:

Gaps and Cracks:

Gaps between the door and its frame or floor can allow smoke and fire to spread, reducing the door's effectiveness. Cracks in the door or frame may compromise the door's structural integrity.

Damaged Seals:

Intumescent seals that are damaged, missing, or incorrectly installed can fail to expand and seal the gaps effectively during a fire.

Misaligned Frames:

A misaligned frame can cause the fire door to not close properly or create gaps, compromising its ability to contain smoke and fire.

Faulty Door Closers and Locks:

Door closers that are too slow or too fast can hinder the door's ability to self-close effectively. Faulty locks may prevent the door from latching securely.

Non-compliant Glazing:

If fire doors have glazing, it must be fire-resistant and properly installed to maintain the door's integrity during a fire.

Importance of Corrective Actions and Maintenance

Promptly addressing identified issues in a fire door survey is critical for maintaining fire safety. Corrective actions may include repairing or replacing damaged components, adjusting door closers, or rehanging misaligned doors. Hiring certified professionals for these repairs ensures that the fire doors continue to perform as intended.

Additionally, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of fire doors. Building owners and operators should schedule periodic inspections and conduct maintenance tasks like lubricating hinges and replacing damaged seals.

Fire door surveys are a vital part of fire safety in buildings across the UK. These surveys ensure fire doors perform as intended, providing crucial protection to occupants by helping prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Building owners can play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and protecting property during a fire by conducting regular fire door surveys, adhering to maintenance schedules, and promptly addressing identified issues. Prioritising fire safety through fire door surveys should be integral to every building's overall fire protection strategy.

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