700 doors at Ducane Court to be upgraded

Ducane Court is an impressive Art Deco residential building which was once ear-marked by Hitler as his HQ for when he invaded England. Rumour has it that with some modifications this building was one of several that could be shaped like a Nazi Swaztika! We were commissioned by TH Kenyon PLC to undertake fire stopping and the installation of new fire doors. Due to the building being Art Deco (the largest of its kind) the residents were keen for the doors to not be replaced as they are suited to  the style of the building. To try to meet the resident’s requirements LFS offered to test the existing doors for compliancy. They provided a specification and upgrade to an existing door and fire tested it next to a door without any adjustments enabling the client to have full disclosure of how these 80 year old doors would respond in a fire situation and giving them the option to upgrade rather than replace. The result was that the upgraded door lasted 10 minutes longer in a fire testing situation. The outcome being that nearly 700 doors will now be upgraded rather than replaced meaning the client has made significant savings and the residents have been relieved of the upheaval of door replacements.



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