Blue Finn Building

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Client: Broadgate Estates

Contract Value: £6k +

Works description: To carry out a survey for compartmentalisation works needed in the £415 million, 16 level floor-to-ceiling glazed building.

Summary of works:

  • Conduct a detailed, comprehensive fire stopping survey. This survey included a marked out floor plan of all the areas of where fire stopping work was needed and a detailed breakdown for each penetration highlighted.
  • We then carried out the works essential to the building, which included fire stopping over 1000 penetrations to compartmentalise the basement levels to the building.


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Contact Info

t: 0800 035 6827 (freephone)
t: 0207 237 0958

Unit 7, Glengall Business Centre, Glengall Road, London SE15 6NH

Daily: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

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